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Program Manager Environmental Construction

Growth Potential: EDD predicts the construction management sector will grow by 10,300 jobs by 2016
Salary: $72,000 - $85,000/year

Urban Planner

Growth Potential: Large potential for growth as we become more aware of our impact on the environment
Salary: $25 - $35/hour

Environmental Engineering Manager

Growth Potential: EDD predicts environmental engineering field will grow by 1,200 jobs by 2016
Salary: $62,400 - $82,900

Environmental Planner

Growth Potential:
Salary: $30 - $37/hour

Civil Engineer

Growth Potential: EDD predicts 5,000 new jobs for civil engineers by 2016
Salary: $73,000 - $84,000

Energy Infrastructure Engineer

Growth Potential: High potential for growth as our infrastructure becomes more efficiently engineered
Salary: $77,000 - $91,000/year

Environmental Engineer

Growth Potential: EDD predicts 1,200 new environmental engineering jobs by 2016
Salary: $21- $31/hour