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Environmental Health & Safety Lead

Growth Potential: EDD projects 13.5% growth over next 10 years
Salary: $81,000 - $96,000/year

Plant Technical Specialist - Safety Equipment Testing

Growth Potential: Will grow with creation of more power plants
Salary: $64,000 - $76,000

Safety Investigator/Cause Analyst

Growth Potential: High potential for growth as plants are modified and renewable power generation grows
Salary: $88,000 - $104,000/year

Plant Maintenance Supervising Technical Operator

Growth Potential: As more plants are developed the need will increase for personnel, including managerial positions
Salary: $27 - $30/hour

Plant Safety Engineer

Growth Potential: Potential for growth will increase as power plants adhere to stricter standards
Salary: $90,000 - $107,000/year